If you been to a little league game or select game, I’m sure you’ve heard, “your arm is late”. What does that really mean?

Usually that means a kid is missing everywhere. The disconnect, is that the arm is not late, but the head is early. Coaches are looking at the arm instead of the body.

If your head is early, then you’re out of sequence. This means your hips are not leading. Hips deliver the shoulders, shoulders deliver the elbow, and the elbow delivers the baseball. If you’re out of sequence it will either lead to inefficiencies or an injury.

Most coaches try to correct this the wrong way by messing with their hands and tell them to get their arm up.

Leave the throwing arm alone, and hands are a non- teaches, they just happen.

If you start from the ground up, you will be in the proper sequence. I see a lot of kids starting with their hands. That will really mess up their timing and sequencing. You have to be in foot strike in one second or less. If you’re in foot strike in one second or less, you will be in the proper sequence, then your mechanics will be good.

Most coaches mean well but end up messing them up more by messing with the natural throwing motion. Remember leave the throwing arm alone. That is, what we call, their signature.

That’s why you need to do your own research on coaches and make sure they have a clue on what they are doing. It’s your kid’s health on the line.

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