I’m sure everyone has seen the pitching in the playoffs this year. Pitchers are dominating the game. I would like you to notice that all the pitchers velocity is between 93-101 MPH.

Are all these guys going slow or fast to the plate?

They are all going fast towards home plate. But what are your coaches telling you, slow down and stay back. Sound familiar? But in reality, they are getting their hips going fast towards their target. The proof is in the pudding.

That’s why our velocity protocols are vital to get kids to the next level. We’ve had over 800 kids around the country improve their velocity between 4-11 MPH. Most importantly, we have had no injuries!!!

So what we teach works and is completely safe for all ages. Go and google:

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel velocity training.

This is the program we use. So don’t get left behind and fall for the old conventional wisdoms. Get a head and get with the most science based research and protocols.

Check out our Velocity Training… Look forward to hearing from you.

Inform, Instruct & Inspire,

Kevin Beirne, Pitching Coach
NPA Certified
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