What is the STAR Profile

The Sports Total Assessment Report – STAR Profile is a predictive behavioral and performance assessment. This assessment is based on a class “C” psychometric instrument and is the only one of its type currently being used in professional sports. A class “C” instrument attains the most stringent level as described by the American Psychological Association, the American Education Research Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education. It is predictive in nature due to the depth of measurement of 37 behavioral and performance criteria. It is also backed by over 50 years of research and over 1,000 articles in the professional literature.

Why is the STAR Profile Important to Athletes and Coaches?

This self-assessment is a “look in the mirror,” and the 360-profile is a look from outside the window. The STAR Profile is the beginning of a powerful process for a player’s development.

Accurate data and identification of behavioral and performance constraints are incredibly important in sports. Organizations are spending millions of dollars on drafting and millions more on developing prospects that will hopefully contribute at the professional level.

It is more important than ever to help athletes identify and deal with constraints that can keep them from optimizing their talent on and off the field.

These issues can now be accurately identified before the player ever reaches the draft. The STAR Profile empowers me as a pitching coach to not only help players identify behavioral issues, but it provides a specific action plan, which provides specific coaching advice for a player’s growth on and off the field.

This empowers coaches and players to not only help players identify behavioral issues, but it provides a specific action plan, which provides specific coaching advice for a player’s growth on and off the field.

Why STAR Profile:

  • The New York Yankees, Arizona D-Backs, and Dallas Cowboys
    work with the STAR Pofile in player development and scouting.
  • Backed by over 1,000 articles in the professional literature
  • On-line, easy to understand, and only takes 15 minutes
  • Normed on highly diversified sample of almost 10,000 individuals
  • Isolates and quantifies over 30 key behavioral attributes
  • Contains numerous disqualification criteria for people trying to
    defeat the profile
  • Ability to not only self-assess a person but also compare
    self-assessment to others’ view of the person
  • Data-driven coaching report that initiates growth in key areas

STAR Profile Report Accuracy

The next issue to address is accuracy. This instrument has been extensively researched in the professional literature and has substantial support with respect to accurately assessing and predicting attributes. Alpha coefficients and test-retest correlations have been scrutinized and verified.

I’ve done this test myself was amazed at how accurate it was. I even asked my family for their input, and they agreed it was right on!

I recommend this highly because the mental and emotional part in sports is so important. It has helped baseball pitchers and athletes get an extra edge in their coaching training and in life.

After you take the STAR Profile, you receive a personal session with me. I will contact you to setup a time for us to go over this assessment.

Create your dream of being the best pitcher you can be with one of the best mental and emotional assessment tools available to us.

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