Velocity Training Minimizing Risk Of Injury

There are many pitching coaches that offer velocity training, claiming they can increase velocity by 4-5 MPH…

Can their velocity training minimize the risk of injury?

I am offering the newest protocols from the NPA Velocity Program. Scientifically documented ways of increasing velocity while also decreasing the risk of injury.

  • Fastball velocity training and functional fitness. This involves
    (stability, mobility, durability, and flexibility). These factors have to
    be in balance to increase velocity and decrease the risk of injury.
  • What is velocity? And Understanding it?
  • What is real velocity? (Kevin will explain)
  • Perceived velocity? (Kevin will explain)
  • Effective velocity? (Kevin will explain)
  • Pitching Inside and Why?
  • The softer the thrower, the more he has to pitch inside. Understand why?

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Velocity Training