The National Pitching Association philosophical approach is to master information, instruction, and mentoring athletes.

We are the only privately owned science-based coaching entity in the USA. We are also the only privately owned coaching entity in the USA with 3-dimensional motion analysis technology and statistically validated model. We are the only privately-owned IRB (institutional Review Board) to be certified.

  • we will train movement that is specific to your sport. Rotational athletes need to train to what they do.
  • Foundational fitness (weak- link training) your only as strong as your weakest link and only as efficient as your worst movement.
  • neuro-muscular thresholds and how to break them.
  • what is GFP, Torque and functional strength mean and how to use it and improve it.
  • balancing out accelerators and decelerators. (HBO Tom House velocity training)

NPA Southwest Summer Clinic/Camps Begin June 6-9th 2016

Times: Monday / Thursday 10:00am and 12:00 noon
Cost: $50 a session or $150 the whole week.
Starts: June 6th and will run through summer.
Location: 32206 Tamina Rd, Magnolia TX 77354

Please call Regional Director Kevin Beirne at (281) 773-6769 to sign up or click here to contact us. Limited spaces due to demand so its first come, first serve.

Inform, Instruct & Inspire,

Kevin Beirne, Pitching Coach
Regional Director, NPA
Associate Scout Kansas City Royals
NPA Pitching Clinic
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