Welcome Baseball Enthusiasts – I’ve decided to start a blog & newsletter because I see so much misinformation on the Internet and bad instruction given to players today. But I’m here to tell you the new research out on pitching and hitting has changed dramatically since 2006 and improving each year.
We are finding out more and more of what baseball best pitchers do and why? The only true way of researching this is through 3-D motion analysis. With this technology finally in baseball, we really know how things happen through your delivery and why. There’s science-based information, and then there’s opinion based information. Opinion based information is exactly what it is, an opinion!! So stop drinking the Kool-Aid and get informed. Kids today are getting hurt at a record pace due to bad instruction and misinformation.

Dr Tom House MLBIn 2007 I was lucky enough to go work with Dr.Tom House for 3 days in San Diego. Myself, being a former major league pitcher for 3 MLB teams, thought I knew a lot about pitching. I’ve been fortunate enough to play with 3 Cy-Young winners and some future Hall of Famers.

One of the first things Tom said to me, “Baseball is a game of failure, taught by negative people, in a misinformation environment”. Those all three are completely true. Baseball is a game of failure, taught by coaches who forgot how hard the game really is, and the misinformation is the opinions that coaches have. It’s not their fault, they all mean well, but most are misinformed. But I’m here to say, those 3 days spent with Tom blew me away with his research on what the best pitchers do. I learned more in 3 days than in my 14 seasons as a professional!!

Growing up in Texas, Nolan Ryan was my idol, so of course I knew who Tom House was from his books and his job as the Texas Rangers pitching coach. Until you really have met or worked with him, you really can’t appreciate what Tom has done for pitching and baseball. The research that Tom, National Pitching Association, and RDRBI have done has revolutionized what pitchers, or rotational athletes really do.

Everything that I was ever taught was opinion based, so all those questions I had, no one ever had any answers that made any sense!! I made it to the Major Leagues because I was blessed with a good body and could throw upwards of 96. I’ve never known why though. If I had Tom’s information when I was in high school, who knows how much longer I could have played. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very lucky to have had the career that I did!! Not only does his research work, it has inspired me to become a pitching instructor.

I see bad instruction everyday, and most importantly, misinformation given to young kids and parents. This has only motivated me more, to get the right information to kids and parents. What these instructors and coaches are teaching is what we all were told. Tom’s research proves them wrong. Believe it or not, some MLB organizations are still teaching opinion based methods.

Most importantly Tom has the backing of A.S.M.I. (American Sports Medical Institute) and Dr. James Andrews. Using Tom’s strength and conditioning protocols, nutritional necessities, and mental and emotional elements, he has found the safest and most efficient ways to utilize your abilities.

Nolan Ryan Baseball Major League PitcherTake a look at the National Pitching Association Advisory board. Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Rob Nen, Kevin Brown, Cole Hammels, Mark Prior, Orel Hershisier, and Super Bowl MVP Dree Brees. The List goes on and on. These players and doctors are the best in the world in their fields, respectively. For them to back what Tom teaches, should answer any questions involving his credibility. Tom also pitched 9 seasons in the Major Leagues.

On a last note, as an ex-professional, there’s only one guy that I trust and that’s Tom House, because of his research and most importantly, Results!!

If you want the best for your kids, start by finding someone that teaches exactly what Tom, the NPA and myself teach. No one is going to remember a trophy when your 12 years old at some select tournament. It’s your career, not theirs.

We, as coaches need to, inform, instruct, and inspire!!! Don’t buy into this, “I teach a little bit from everybody”!! What this really means, it’s opinion based!!! The Internet is filled with misinformation from so called “gurus”. Give credit, where credit is due, with Dr. Tom House.

Inform, Instruct & Inspire,
Kevin Beirne, Pitching Coach
NPA Certified

©Kevin Beirne 3/2011