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If you been to a little league game or select game, I’m sure you’ve heard, “your arm is late”. What does that really mean?

Usually that means a kid is missing everywhere. The disconnect, is that the arm is not late, but the head is early. Coaches are looking at the arm instead of the body.

If your head is early, then you’re out of sequence. This means your hips are not leading. Hips deliver the shoulders, shoulders deliver the elbow, and the elbow delivers the baseball. If you’re out of sequence it will either lead to inefficiencies or an injury.

Most coaches try to correct this the wrong way by messing with their hands and tell them to get their arm up.

Leave the throwing arm alone, and hands are a non- teaches, they just happen.

If you start from the ground up, you will be in the proper sequence. I see a lot of kids starting with their hands. That will really mess up their timing and sequencing. You have to be in foot strike in one second or less. If you’re in foot strike in one second or less, you will be in the proper sequence, then your mechanics will be good.

Most coaches mean well but end up messing them up more by messing with the natural throwing motion. Remember leave the throwing arm alone. That is, what we call, their signature.

That’s why you need to do your own research on coaches and make sure they have a clue on what they are doing. It’s your kid’s health on the line.

If you have any questions, go to my blog and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Inform, Instruct & Inspire,

Kevin Beirne, Pitching Coach
NPA Certified
(281) 773-6769

p.s. Visit our services page where we offer individual and group pitching lessons along with velocity training.

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Hope everyone had a great healthy summer. I know a lot of you are getting back into the groove for winter ball. So I’m expecting a lot of pitching questions and will answer them.  If you have any questions, be sure to ask them right here.

9 Phases of Pitching Delivery

We’ve broken down the pitching delivery in 9 phases. These 9 phases are the protocols that we use at the NPA, so I’m sure there will be a ton questions.

  1. Balance and Posture
  2. Leg lift and body thrust
  3. Stride and Momentum
  4. Opposite and Equal
  5. Hip and shoulder separation & Delayed shoulder rotation
  6. Stack and Track
  7. Swivel and Stabilize
  8. Preset forearm/wrist angle and pitch grip
  9. Release point and follow through

I’m sure there are also questions about the new velocity training that was done on HBO Real Sports. All 9 Phases happens in less than 1.35 seconds. So, there’s a lot of going in a short period of time.

No pitching question is a dumb question.

Just remember that timing, sequencing, and mechanics in that order. If your timing is right, your sequencing will be right, then your mechanics will be right. So leave a question here on my blog and we can get to work.

Remember there’s research based information and opinion based information. Research based is what the best of the best do. It is not by coincidence.

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.

Inform, Instruct & Inspire,

Kevin Beirne, Pitching Coach
NPA Certified
(281) 773-6769

p.s. Visit our services page where we offer individual and group pitching lessons along with velocity training.

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I’ve seen over the last couple of years, kids doing reverse chaining with weighted balls to strengthen the backside muscles. It seems like they would help strengthen or increase range of motion of the arm. It does neither of those.

You can’t train decelerators reverse chaining, or with resistance training.

The reason for this is throwing is concentric, or shorting of the muscle. Concentric is accelerating your arm. The back of the shoulder, or decelerators is eccentric. Which means the lengthening of the muscle.

It is impossible replicate the speed of muscle strength, the amount the muscle is stretched, or time delay involved in throwing or striking. I know it may sound confusing, but this is how our body works.

Why is Reverse Chaining is Counter Intuitive

Our muscles shorten then lengthen when throwing; so reverse chaining is counter intuitive. It’s also very hard to find your exact arm angle when reverse chaining. The most effective way of training and balancing both decelerators and accelerators is doing the towel drill with a ball 20% heavier and 20% lighter. This will build parity in the pitcher’s arm while also working on his timing, kinematic sequencing, and mechanics. This has been documented and researched by biomechanics. This will also be skill specific. You can do it on the mound or on flat ground.

Another great strengthening exercise is the Wonderweight.  You can see all the info on my web site. It’s a great tool for almost any age and is safer then tubing. Studies have shown that it gets up to 20% more strengthening than tubing. Also, you can use it at different angles and weights. So go check it out, my students all love it and even some of the parents use them with frozen shoulders.

Our summer camp is going great — If you are interested in attending please email me at  or call 281.773.6769.

Thanks and feel free to ask any questions and leave comments on my blog.

Reverse Chaining Pitching Tips

Kevin Beirne, Pitching Coach
NPA Certified

©Kevin Beirne 07/2012

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Flippen Profile Gives Edge for Pitchers Emotional & Mental Game

Over the last decade the mental and emotional part in sports has come to light. It’s helped athletes get an extra edge in their training and in life. It’s helped them realize that there has to be a balance between sports and real life. I like to think of it, the old adage, the Yin and Yang, the balance of life.

With the technology and research done on the brain today, this has shown to improve performance on and off the field. Believe me it works, I’ve done it!! If you think you can’t, you can’t! If you think you can, you can! This sounds so simple and to the point, but in our society today you can see why people be come so negative. Remember in an earlier newsletter, Baseball is a game of failure, taught by negative people, in a misinformation environment.

So. the mental / emotional aspect of the game is a huge advantage. In baseball, you’re going to fail more than your going to succeed. So learning to deal with failure is a must, not only in baseball, but also in life. However, when we have coaches and parents being so negative all the time, how do we expect our kids to be positive and in the moment? I hear this all them time, “just throw strikes”, I’ve never met a kid or a player who was trying to throw balls. So you can see how kids at a young age learn to think the wrong way.

Golf and baseball are both rotational sports and the mental aspect are almost identical. So why has golf evolved and baseball hasn’t? That’s the million-dollar question. How come we never see a golf coach or caddy yelling at their player? Because it doesn’t work! There’s a time and place for that. But during competition is worst possible thing you could do. The job as a pitcher is to hit a predetermined target with a specific pitch. The job of a golfer is to hit a certain club, find their target and let it fly.

Flippen Profile is used by Major League Pitchers, giving them an Emotional & Mental edge

Well, I’m here to let you know about the comprehensive mental/ emotional test that shows your strengths and weakness in 20 minutes. Sounds crazy, but it is completely accurate.

Flippen Profile from Flippen Group Sports

It’s called the Flippen Profile, based on a complex psychometric instrument that is able to pinpoint behavioral characteristics and predict future behavior and performance. This Flippen report is for kids in high school starting around ninth grade and for all grown ups.

It’s used by many major league clubs, NFL teams, Universities, and fortune 500 companies. The profile takes 15-20 minutes online and you will get the report back in a couple of days with results. When you get the report back we will have a plan mapped out on how to improve your skills.

The Flippen Profile has been clinically tested and there is no test that has matched it. The profile procedure contains a selected list of 300 words and the applicant checks the ones that apply to him or her. Those words have been carefully selected using psychological knowledge and statically methods such as factor analysis and Q-sort correlations.

I’ve done this test myself and couldn’t believe how accurate it was. I also had my families input, and they agreed it was right on. Over my career I’ve worked with some famous Peak performance coaches they didn’t even get this detailed.

If I had known about the Flippen Profile report earlier in my career, this would have saved me a lot of money and time. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and hours of your valuable time, this profile report does all that in 15 minutes online.

Please take the time to read about the Flippen Profile on my website. All the information you would like to know about the Flippen Profile is there. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

I look forward to helping your son in creating a plan to improve his performance, and most importantly, their lives. Balance is the key!

Inform, Instruct & Inspire

Kevin Beirne, Pitching Coach
NPA Certified

©Kevin Beirne 9/2011

**You receive a personal session with me if you step up to the plate, make the decision to improve your pitcher’s emotional and mental game by taking the Flippen Profile details here.

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